3 Tips For Finding The Love Of Your Life

The fact is that being in a good relationship starts with more than just the physical exterior. It starts with finding someone who's in harmony with the inner you.
To get started, here are three easy tips that anyone can do in their life to find their perfect person:
1. Make a list of all the attributes you would like in this person. But you have to list more than just physical. Write down the characteristics and values and the beliefs and personality traits that you are looking for.

2. Review this list each day and think for a minute or two on each item and why it is important to you. What person in your life had that trait? Give thanks for that person being in your world in the past or in the present.

3. See yourself with a person that has the traits and attributes that you desire. Live as if person is a reality. Be open to meeting new people and look for the traits, the entire package, in people that you meet.
Remember, don't list what you don't want; list and dwell upon what you do want. Don't settle for someone that doesn't meet your ideal mate attributes because the right person is out there and waiting for you. If you just use your positive energy, he or she will enter your world.

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