5 odd facts about birthday boy Pee-wee Herman!

5 odd facts about birthday boy Pee-wee Herman!

It's Pee-Wee Herman's -- ahem --  Paul Reubens' BIG day, and we're wishing him a happy 60th! (Wow, 60? Cue "feelin' old" music now.)
In honor of the occasion, here are five odd facts about the actor, who will forever be known by his alter ego:
1) He's on Twitter! Pee-wee is still as whimsical as ever on the social media networking site, posting about cats in bowties and waxing poetic about his favorite deceased stars.
2)  He's played a drug dealer: In a role slightly different than his "Big Adventure" days, Reubens played a Los Angeles-area cocaine dealer opposite Johnny Depp in 2001's "Blow." Flamboyant, dangerous and off-the-wall, the role allowed Reubens to expand as an actor and helped cast him in a new light to audiences.
3) He's working with Judd Apatow: Reubens is collaborating with the man behind "Knocked Up" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" to work on the next Pee-wee Herman film, which is set to be a road-trip adventure film filled with his signature childhood whimsy and a dash of subversive humor.
4) He dated actress Debi Mazar for six years: Yes, Reubens and the "Entourage" actress dated from 1993-1999. Reubens has said their relationship helped him heal from the devastating implosion of his career in the early '90s.
5) He's taking pictures with Joe Manganiello: This is one of those times where a description is simply not needed. You're welcome.

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