Man Orders TV Screen and Gets an Assault Riffle Delivery

Man Orders A TV and Get Assault Rifle

Different amazing things happening today, wow an assault rifle sent to your doorstep instead of your flat screen TV, What would you do? lol
Seth Horvitz, a 38-year old man in Washington D.C., ordered a flat-screen television through Amazon online ordering system. Days later he had received his package and was surprised to find that a television was not in the box, but a military-grade assault rifle that is priced around $2,000.

Some how Horvitz’s name wound up on the UPS label with his address, but the invoice in the package was to a gun store in Pennsylvania. He didn’t want the gun and knew it was illegal to both have the gun and drive with it in a vehicle, so he called the police. The police arrived at his apartment and confiscated the gun, as well as opened up an investigation into how this happened and if its happened before.

“I would like to know how this type of mix-up could take place, especially with what’s going recently, these mass shootings. I don’t want to be in a situation where this type of weapon can just show up on someone’s doorstep accidentally,” said Seth.

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