Things To Do With Your Girlfriend When You Don't Have Money

The things to do with your girlfriend when you have no money, are the moments of your life that you will cherish forever, because you won't be thinking too much about what is spent over what. Read on, 

Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend 
Climb up the nearest hill and watch the sunset together
Pluck a rose from a garden and give it to her
Make a promise to her
Whisper 'I love you' thousand times in her ear as the day progresses
Sing her a song
Take her out on a drive and stop at a place you haven't seen before
Give her a whole body massage
Go for a walk, holding hands on road you've never been before
Hold her hands, stare into her eyes and kiss her
Cook a romantic dinner for her
Tell her about your dream last night
Play games between the sheets (if you know what I mean!)
Tell her you want to be her prince Charming, if she's is your Cinderella
Cuddle up and watch a chick flick together
Solve crosswords together
Make some hot chocolate and sip it watching the rain
If it's snowing, make a snowman
Stargaze all night and dedicate every star to her with a reason
Cuddle up and sleep

Free Things to Do with Your Girlfriend 
Go and visit a free museum together
Wash the car together (this one can get real dirty!) 
Play video games and let her win
Women are cleanliness freaks. So, help your girl clean her closet   
Go to a mall with her, and try out clothes, just for the heck of it
Have a hot steamy shower together
Invent a game and keep changing its rules as you go on playing it
Read your favorite comic or a book together
Workout together, by cycling, trekking, running and jogging
Painting an abstract picture by drawing a line at a time, is a free thing to do
Tell her a secret about you that you haven't told anyone
Pick up a pillow fight with her, but remember girls are delicate. So, handle with care 
Learn some dance moves and teach them to her

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend at Home 
Hitchhike a ride with your girl to a place you haven't been before
Bring out the junk and make a ring for her
Play a sport like basketball or football in your backyard
Plan a party for a day when you'll have money
Devise ingenious ways of earning money
Stroll in a public garden
Get out all your old photo albums and show them to her
Cook a romantic meal together 
Go to a drive-in movie theater
Organize your garage with your girlfriend's help. Women, love putting everything in place!
Plant some pots and plants in your garden
Seduce your girlfriend with some excellent pre-intimacy tricks
Tell her a really exiting story
Enact a play together for your friends and family
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