Who Was The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved?

The Bible is very interesting book that reveals as well as conceals. Any out-of-place or awkward passage in the bible always tend to reveal a bigger story when studied closely with an open mind.
Several times in the gospels there are mentions of "The disciple whom Jesus loved".
Uncharacteristically of the bible, this disciple is never named and has remained a mystery.
For the bible, or should I say, the gospel writer, to go out of his way to reiterate and emphasize that there was a disciple whom Jesus loved, we have to accept that indeed there was something special about that love that must have been far different from the general love Jesus had for the rest of his disciples, his parents, his brothers, and the rest of humanity for whom he was said to have died for in order to save. 
For Jesus, assumed to be god in flesh,to single out one disciple, one individual, to bestow a special kind of love is quite intriguing. Don't you agree?
So who was this disciple, was it a male or female disciple?
So what kind of love was this, was it romantic love,platonic love, or just a special fondness?
And most importantly, why does the bible not mention the name of this special disciple?
Is it remotely possible that the compilers of the gospel canons deliberately deleted the identity of this special disciple?

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