Rapper and Funny Youtube Star Freddy E Commits Suicide, and Tweets His Last Moments

Rapper and one of youtubes funny sensation just commited suicide on the 5th of January. What a tragedy for a young star to take his own life. Maybe he didn't appreciate life. King County medical examiner's office told the press that on Jan. 5, the 22-year-old rapper, Frederick E.  Buhl, died of a self-inflicted rifle wound to the head.

The most shocking thing was that Freddy E tweeted sad things like "If there's a God then He's calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It's cold & I'd rather die than live alone." and also continued with others saying "It's... all... bad... y'all. *puts finger around trigger*...I love you Mom...I love you Dad...I love you Katherine...God... please forgive me...I'm sorry." Though no one understood him even if they did people would have stopped him. See last tweets of freddy E before he took his life.
Freddy E was romantically connected to a female rapper Honey Cocaine, who addressed the matter on Twitter. saying " I caused what happened is ignorance.. You know nothing about our friendship or the story, hate me if you feel.. We loved eachother..We were homies. We had a bond and a connection. For people to attack me acting like I made him do it is a shame. Say it's my fault, threaten me, whatever.. I knew him well enough to know he had other things happening.. I was there for him all the time." See photos of her tweets on twitter.

After she posted a screenshot of her text conversation with Freddy E earlier that morning, Honey Cocaine wrote, "People think they have an idea but it's not your business.. RIP my angel, my condolences. @Freddy_E. Taking a hiatus to give my angel my prayers. Love you all..From the first time we met, we said we'd do whatever for eachother. Bonnie and f--king Clyde. If you love him, respect us and our situation! I love you too @Freddy_E.. The end of the video is beautiful.

Screenshots of Rapper Freddy E before he shot himself with a Rifle into the Head. Tragedy
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