Sunny Okosun's son"Jerry" released from jail over his alleged involvement in Nkiru Sylvanus' kidnap

Sonny Okosun towers among the giants of contemporary Nigerian music -- assigning his signature fusion of reggae, highlife, Afro-funk, and traditional melodies and rhythms the catchall description "ozziddi" (or "message"),

One of his sons Jerry Okosun has been released over alleged involvement in the kidnap of Nkiru Sylvanus and Kenneth Okolie. He was arrested on Christmas Day because for some weird reason, the kidnappers contacted him to negotiate the release of Nkiru Sylvanus. Jerry acted as a middle man for Nkiru's family, the Imo State government and the kidnappers. He was the one that negotiated the N8 million ransom that was eventually paid to secure Nkiru Sylvanus and Kenneth Okolie's release. 

After their release, the Imo State Government Chief of Staff ordered Jerry's arrest because they claimed to have found some incriminating text messages on his phone connecting him to the crime...and also because Jerry had been insisting on the government paying N15million as ransom. Jerry says he's innocent.  

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