Young Nigerian Doctor Shot Dead in Broad Daylight in Lagos

A young Nigerian doctor, Irawo Adamolekun, was shot dead on Friday (11th January) in the Anthony area of Lagos by an unknown gunman. He was killed in his car, in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people.
According to rapper, Ruggedman, who witnessed the killing and tweeted about the incident, the killer shot him and then walked calmly to a waiting motorbike and sped off.
Since his death, his name has been trending on Twitter and Facebook with many expressing their sadness about his death. What makes his death even more shocking is the way he was killed and how the killer just rode away.
Screenshots of Ruggedman's tweet, who witnessed the incident

Irawo lost his brother Imole, in a fatal car crash in 2004. He was just 21 and was a high flying medical student. They have one surviving brother. May His Gentle Soul Rest In Peace. His case is been investigated. How Sad.


Anonymous said...

RIP, how wicked people can, may God do the rest unto your killers.

Sandra said...


James Arthur said...

But what was the crime this young man commuted to deserve this kind of evil? Lord help our souls. RIP


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