Beginner Chest workout routine

This is a workout routine routine specifically designed for Beginners who want to carve out real strong chest. This workouts involve 4 major exercises going 7 sets on every trial.

Workout Tips

Create  a to-do list of various workouts to be carried out.
Perform a 2 set warm-up before this workout.
When lifting weights, start with light ones and when you get used to it change size
Aim to improve at least one aspect of your workout each week.
Make sure you finish what your workout fully (if it’s 7 sets do seven set don’t stop half way)
Workout Routines to follow (beginner)

Barbell bench press                      3 Sets   10-15 Reps do more if you have the strength 
Dumbbell Incline bench press     3 sets    10-15 Reps
Push Up                                          4 sets    15-20 Reps
Alternating floor press                  2 sets     10 Reps


Josh said...

very nice

Sae'ed said...

how may weeks i have to do dis?

Hozzy Matex said...

8 to 12 weeks

Jamie said...

How do I know im doing enough of one work? I seem to not build much muscle.

Hozzy Matex said...

Building muscle requires pushing for more reps and weight on every set of every workout, and eating more then it takes to maintain your weight. If you do this week in and week out, you will make very good progress.

Derrick said...

no it doesnt, it requires more weight and fewer reps, if you do more weight and more reps you will overload your muscles and cause yourself an injury.

Hozzy Matex said...

More doesn't mean stressing your muscles out, i meant more of visiting the gym, more sets and reps. you would only injure yourself when you over do what you're suppose to do. and as beginner you may see all those strong men at the gym and want to lift what they're lifting that's what will cause you injury

Derrick said...

Ok i get your point man, you must be a great instructor.


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