Learn How to Loose Fat not Lose Fat in 2 weeks

Get to learn everything you need to know about losing body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Use this guide for your fat loss plan! Good luck ¶

Weight loss is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue. It can occur unintentionally due to an underlying disease or can arise from a conscious effort to improve an actual or perceived overweight or obese state. This is the goal you’re looking up to.
But marketers have mad it look so easy, that you could loose weight in 1 week with some drugs or pills. Just because they want to sell and earn some commision. But i tell you today that loosing weight is one of the hardest thing to do because you’ve got to go through multiple exercises, make decisions that would lead to achieving your goals.
Well because the process is hard doesn’t mean you can’t get there, following this guide you will definitely reach your goal. But i have to say that this guides are not for lazy people who can’t stand their fears and pains just to get it to the top. It’s meant for only those who are willing to put in real hard work and reap the benefits of that work.
But before you start there are major areas you need to pick out for yourself while embarking on this test.
  • Set your Goal
  • How much fat you want to loose each time you train
  • Body Performance
  •  Choosing Diets
  • Body type
  • Motivation

Set your Goal

Goals are a form of motivation that set the standard for self-satisfaction with performance.  Achieving the goal one has set for oneself is a measure of success, examples of goals can be when you plan how much lbs you want to loose daily or at the end of your test, also can be setting aside a picture of what or who you want to look like after the test. You must have goals set up before you make it to wherever you want to go. #Lesson number 1


carbohydrate is any food that is particularly rich in starch (such as cereals, bread,rice, potatoes, and pasta) or simple carbohydrates, such as sugar (found in candy, jams, and desserts). Also the soft drinks we take everyday contain carbohydrates in them, some of us might not know that soft drinks add up to the increase of fat in the body. Research has it that it is preferable to drink plenty water than too much of soft drinks. Carbohydrate  contain 4 calories per gram, and soft drinks contain up to g5.3 (21 calories= g5.3 ).  Depending on your genetics metabolic changes can make you gain weight even if you are eating the same food everyday. Younger bodies use Carbohydrate as a common source of energy because the younger body utilises them but as you age the more likely they will be stored as FATS. 
When muscle cells are depleted this tells your body that food is in short supply and it will take action by lowering fat burning hormones. On the other hand, when carbs are kept in the diet they will cause muscle cells to have more volume which will signal a fed state and result in a higher metabolism.
They are stored as long polymers of glucose molecules with glycosidic bonds for structural support or  for energy storage, though the compatibility of most carbohydrates for water makes storage of large quantities of carbohydrates inefficient due to the large molecular weight of the solvated water-carbohydrate complex.  Excess carbohydrates are  catabolised to form acetyl-CoA, which results into fatty acid.
Carbohydrates are a superior short-term fuel for organisms because they are simpler to metabolize than fats or those amino acids (components of proteins) that can be used for fuel. Which means they are helpful during exercise because the body needs energy to be able to exercise.  Sometimes you notice that when carb intake is low the muscles  appear flat and smaller, because there was reduction in cell volume.
Carbohydrate should only be taken when you are exercising or lifting weights but on daily basis carbohydrate is prohibited if you want to loose weight. Foods like bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, soft drinks and fried food with breading. I f you want more information on ingredients present in soft drinks simply turn the drink around and read it’s ingredients.

Body Type

How is Fat-loss related to body type?

You might be wondering how your body type is related to your loosing of fat. Well the point is that this  body types require different  essential levels of calories, macro-nutrients  and training volumes. To plan your diet and plan your exercise routine you must know what your body type is first before starting out.
Ectomorph:  One word used to describe this kind of people is SLIM, usually mesomorphs and endomorphs don’t stand close to this people mainly because they’re tall who has problems gaining weight. Examples of ectomorphs are fashion models. They are known by been  linear in shape with a delicate build, narrow hips and pelvis, and long arms and legs.
Naturally hey have less fat and muscle mass than people with other body types, but if this kind of people happen to be fat and trying to loose weight, it’s probably going to be easy for them because they have  fast metabolisms.
Mesomorph:  {meso, for short} These specific kind of people are classified as LUCKY because they have this kind of body shape that is obviously what every body wants to be. They are athletic, full of energy, are physically capable of a lot of activity, and are sometimes aggressive athletically. This kind of individuals store fats all over their body which puts them in an angle where they can easily be overweight (Cardiovascular disease can be a primary threat to an overweight meso) and easily loose weight. So they are just between the line. They are usually advised to be to maintain a healthy diet and a balanced exercise routine.
Endomorph:  (or endo, for short)This people normally have a curvy body type. They have a high capacity of storing fats in their body.  Most of it is stored at the centre in the middle of your body or in your hip and buttocks regions. And they are predisposed to becoming obese. The male endomorph is called android)  and a female endomorph (known as a gynoid) but this two have different fat distribution pattern. We notice this with women with big hips, big butts and big legs while the men collect fat in their abdominal area. There’s something you should have in mind if you are under this category as a man that the more fat you store in your abdomen the more risk you have to diseases such as  diabetes, stroke, cancer, and high blood pressure. But this shouldn’t scare you. Save yourself all this by doing exercise, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Check out exercises for endomorphs


Proteins are said to be the building blocks of life. We acquire amino acids(Amino acids play central roles both as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in metabolism.) from the proteinous diets we eat. Absorbed proteins are then broken down into amino acids through digestion, which is later taken up by the bloodstream and used as a muscle tissue storage mechanism. So if you are on a fat loss routine then you have to do more intake of protein to store your muscle tissues. Protein also helps in fighting disease in the body or preventing you from disease and they are able to travel through the blood stream which are later utilized by the immune system to identify and fight against bacteria, viruses, and other unrecognised visitor. They are also responsible for muscle contraction in the body making movement possible. I suggest that if you want to loose weight, stick to protein and eat carbohydrate only when you want to do exercise so that you can absorb the energy given by carbohydrate.


Calories are the units of energy contained in the food and drink we consume. Calories are either burned to produce energy or, if excess to requirements, stored as fat.  They can transform into usable energy for life’s activities, from breathing to running marathons.  They are mostly found in  macronutrients  and examples are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbs and protein. In carbohydrate you can find  4cals per gram, in fats 9cals per gram. We can also find fiber in carbs and fibers are categorized into two : Soluble and insoluble.
  • Soluble fiber are essential for a healthy diet and they lower the levels of LDL cholesterol. Examples of soluble fibre foods are:  Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, Seeds and Nuts.
  •  Insoluble fiber are essential for a healthy diet, as they help to keep food material moving along your digestive system. But it doesn’t carry calories because the body doesn’t get energy out of it. Examples of insoluble foods are:  Popcorn, Rye bread, Cocoa powder, Bran.
Alcohol carries 7cals per gram, but these are considered empty calories, because the body gets (literally) zero nutritional value from this energy. So since they don’t help in any way they’ll just be stored as fats. So reduce you’re intake of alcohol if you’re on a fatloss routine. I recommend you drink a lot of water than alcohol. And if you take more calories than you are suppose to the more likely they will be stored as fats. So know your mistakes and amend before it hits you harder.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables are eaten in a variety of ways, as part of main meals and as snacks. The nutritional content of vegetables varies considerably, though generally they contain little protein or fat, I believe we all know what fruits are but a few know its use and importance in our health. The fiber coming from many fruits and vegetables helps to energize the body because they have high amount of calories in them. Fruits and vegetables helps boost your immune system it protects the body from disease but when you have  weak immune system, you’re more likely to be attacked with various diseases and  issues such as skin disorders, delayed wound healing, upper respiratory infections, aging and chronic illness. If you eat fruits you diet becomes healthy and also you become healthy. If you want to loose weight take much of fruits and vegetables.

What to Eat?

No one says you can’t eat full course meals is the breakfast, lunch and dinner  The only thing is to eat the right foods at all times. Some of us might think eating anything for meal is worth it, only few of us know that eat our meals to save our health. If you’re healthy that’s the best thing you could wish for and maintaining a body weight. Some people eat 7 times per day to avoid caloric load and avoid fat gain but this people exercise so it doesn’t affect them. Most of these kind of people are athletes and you know they are the most fit people. So if you want to eat as much as you normally do then you must train like the athletes.  There are few foods listed down that are convenient for you to eat.
  •  All whole grain or unprocessed foods
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Oatmeal
  • High fiber breakfast cereals (Whole Grains,Legumes, Seeds and Nuts)
  • Porridge
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Egg Protein shakes
  • Blended Protein shakes
  • Protein (Chicken, Beef, Fish, Turkey,Natural almond butter)
  • Mushrooms

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