Awals children of the future foundation - This is who i am Official music Video

It hurts so much to see the children we say are future leaders live on the streets and in years turn to drug addicts, robbers, killers just because no one was there for them. Please children have a special future treat them like yours. Show them love. Stay blessed watching this video.
THIS IS WHO I AM a theme SONG for Awal's children of the future foundation which features artists like Sarkodie-Chase-Mohammed-Yaw Siki-Efya-Ruff n Smooth-Tiffany-Fritz and also ambassadors for the foundation.The Awal's children of the future foundation aims to help the helpless, hopeless and hungry orphan children and semi orphan children with food,shelter,education, medical assistance etc., You can support by donating or purchase a copy of the song on itunes.links below


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