Hero Dog Saves Life Of Missing 3 year Old Polish Girl

A 3 year old girl who went missing for hours in Poland was found alive because of the dog who kept her warm in freezing temperature of about -5 degrees.

The 3 year old child, Julia, went missing on Friday and was found lying in marshes several kilometres from her house on Saturday morning, with the dog by her side. 

Firefighter Grzegorz Szymanski said the dog kept the child warm enough to live.
The young girl is in the hospital responding to treatment due to frostbite after temperatures fell to -5C (23F).

"For the whole night the animal was with the girl, it never left her. Remember, it was 5 degrees below zero and the child was wet," he said, adding that the animal was the most important factor in the girl's survival.

It was said that over 200 people went out in search for the girl It is thought she spent hours wandering through the forest near her home in the village of Pierzwin.

Her parents had last seen the three-year-old playing in the backyard with the small black mongrel.

She was eventually discovered by firefighters after she was heard crying for her mother.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that someone nice took in that special dog as a pet; hopefully the child's family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no mention is made of special care for the
dog who saved this child's life!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the dog?

James said...

According to the press they said the dog was adopted by family.


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