Man was Killed By His 2 Year Old Son On Sunday


On Sunday a tragedy happened when a little boy of two years old stabbed his father with a knife in the eye. Some believe the child was taking it as normal child's play. The boys father was asleep when this incident happened. It was a neighbor who heard someone scream from the house that came to check what was happening. And the neighbor said "when she knocked at the door she didn't hear any response all she heard was the little boy crying, so since she nobody came to open the door, she decided to go in herself. And on entering the house she saw the murdered man laying dead on the floor with a knife in his eye. She reached out for the boy who was full of blood. That was when she called the police. And the police say there is no suspect because no one else came into that house that day. The neighbors also confirmed it that they didn't notice any person come into the house. Now there is confusion on what to do with the child. Doctors say the child has mental problems and should be taking to the psychiatric clinic. But others say he's to young to be there. We haven't heard anymore news from them we are waiting to hear their conclusion. But what do you think should be done here? Lay down your comments if you have any opinion. 

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