Shakira Requests That $100 Million Lawsuit From Ex-Boyfriend

Shakira demands $100 million lawsuit over her ex boyfriends allegations of owning part of her fortune and guiding her into her career saying she was already a superstar when they met. 
In recently-filed legal documents responding to the suit, Shakira asserts that she was already an international star when she met Antonio in 2000, and while she did take his advice in some situations, he was never actually her manager, nor did she EVER sign any sort of contract that stated that he was!
In fact, the only document the pair did think necessary to sign was an agreement in 2006 that if/when they did break-up, they would each keep their own assets!

In his complaint, de la Rua argued he is due a chunk of her earnings after acting as Shakira's manager and helping her negotiate lucrative contracts.

Shakira has now submitted a request demanding the dismissal of his lawsuit, maintaining her ex-boyfriend advised her on some decisions but was never employed as her official manager.

The Whenever, Wherever hitmaker, who now has a baby son with Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique, insists the only agreement she signed with de la Rua was a 2006 document stating they would both keep their own assets in the case of a split. 

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