Too Young: 4 Year Old Girl Shot Dead in Car in Miami

Four-year-old Rahquel Carr suffered a gunshot wound to her head and chest, according to Miami-Dade Police, Rahquel Carr was airlifted to a local hospital and pronounced dead after the Saturday night shooting. 
Police have not confirmed that her older brother was the one to pull the trigger, but The Miami Herald reported that he was seen with the firearm in his hand immediately following the incident. Police believe the shooting was accidental.
The shooting occurred as victim Rahquel  sat in a white Mercedes-Benz outside the home of her grandparents in Miami-Dade, Florida.
Reports say the girl had been living with the grandparents at the time.
The shot, fired around 6pm on March 20, struck the girl in the head and chest.
In the wake of the tragedy, police are piecing together the events that lead to Carr’s death.
‘We will be looking at who the firearm belonged to,’ Miami-Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland told WPLG, ‘where the firearm was in the vehicle at the time, along with who was present when this child was shot.’
Police initially said they believed an adult was either in or very nearby the car when the shot was fired.

Detectives are still investigating to determine who shot the gun inside the white Mercedes-Benz, which the Miami Herald reports was parked in the girl's grandparents' driveway in the 12000 block of Northwest 20th Avenue.

Relatives told CBS Miami they believe the girl's six-year-old brother was playing with the gun when it went off accidentally, but MDPD spokesman Det. Roy Rutland said circumstances are still unclear.

"There's a lot of speculation right now as to who had that firearm at the time, but we're not in the business of speculating, we're in the business of facts," Rutland said, noting that an adult was nearby and several children were inside the car when the shooting happened around 6 p.m. Saturday evening.

The Associated Press reports the owner of both the weapon and the car was not present at the time of the shooting and has not been charged.

Florida law requires firearms to be securely encased when in a vehicle, according to NBC6.

“To know that a kid has access to a gun and to be able to have that kind of tragedy happen right in front of your home it’s sad,” neighbor Kendrick Williams told CBS. “Our prayers are with the family and everybody else involved in this situation. The sad thing is someone’s going to have to get in trouble for this for being irresponsible with the unsecured weapon.”

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