ATTENTION: GTA5 Cheats Have Arrived. Hurry And Be At The Top Of Your Game Beat Your Friends

Rockstar Games have produced one of the most extraordinary gaming universes ever with Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online - and whether you are a newcomer, a happy enthusiast or a competitive gamer, you could be forgiven for feeling like you might not be getting the absolute best out of it so far.

 Review: "GTA 5 is too almost too big to review, too much world, too much story, so many characters, too much to do - it all gets a little overwhelming - you feel it might take years to make the most out of this game."

GTA 5 is the most complex game ever to go on the market. There are just so many layers of detail and opportunity that many players are barely scraping the surface of what's possible.

We are a collective group of hardcore passionate gamers who all have VERY high profiles in the online gaming world, and years of experience. 

We also have the BEST contacts in the industry, which has meant that we've been playing GTA 5 a little longer than most. 

It's taken a long time, a lot of energy drinks and not much sleep to be able to explore every square inch of GTA 5 - but we're proud to say that we know it better than anyone. 

And now we have decided to share this information with YOU. 
What's Inside?
Valuable tips and strategies for every single mission, with comprehensive information on the entire single-player and multi-player storyline.
How you can get UNLIMITED CASH based on how much or how little you want to be playing with.
A series of quick rapid-fire cheats that will instantly transform your competitive experience.
Mission maps with associated guides that identify key objectives, along with hidden alternative plot lines that will outline the best course to victory.
Investment strategies to maximize your financial portfolio and secret tips for the best real estate in Los Santos. Wouldn't it be great to own any real estate property in Los Santos you wanted?
A complete synopsis of each of the main characters; Franklin, Michael & Trevor, with personal secrets, motivations and hidden attributes.
A detailed encyclopedia of all the 'Easter Eggs' (hidden features) in the game, revealing how and where to find them!
Much, much more...
Why is GTA 5 Plus good value?

GTA 5 Plus is the absolute must-have if you are playing GTA 5 or GTA Online. There is no other source available that not only provides such a comprehensive Companion Guide, but ongoing, up-to-date support via a Members Only Live Interactive Database. This includes entire sections onCheats, Secrets, and Strategies not released anywhere else.

For more info about GTA5 PLUS VISIT 

In addition, our Private Discussion Forum (which is a free bonus) lets you learn, share and interact with other members and get assistance with any issue you may be having with the game.

Think about it. There is no point having paid for your copy of Grand Theft Auto V if you just aren't getting 100% out of it and experiencing it to it's full potential. 

Is this information available for free online? 

Absolutely not. We provide fresh, concise, original content as compiled our team of experienced gamers through our intricate knowledge of the game and our industry sources. You won't find any of this content anywhere else online. All our information is exclusive to GTA 5 Plus.

We have tested, experimented, and probed every aspect of GTA 5, so much so that we would not be surprised if we knew more about the game than the creators themselves! 

If you give GTA 5 a try, you will be glad you did - and if not, there's a hassle-free refund guarantee. So what have you got to lose? 

Can I access this from my Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? 

Yes. GTA 5 Plus can be accessed from any PS3 or Xbox 360 so you can consult it WHILE YOU PLAY! GTA 5 Plus can also be accessed on any PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad or tablet.
GTA 5 is taking the world by storm - with over $850 million is sales on the first day alone! Don't fall behind! 

Impress your friends and gaming buddies as you fly through missions, characters, and situations and build up your portfolio of cash, properties, and investments.

If you act right now you can be playing GTA 5 and GTA Online like an absolute pro almost instantly.

You can get LIFETIME ACCESS to GTA 5 Plus for one very small one-time payment of $27.

Most other membership sites ask you for an ongoing monthly fee - but NOT us.

There are no hidden costs or extras, and no "upsells". This is a ONE-TIME small payment that will provide you with the ultimate in GTA 5 support.

Be prepared to explore this game to its absolute full potential - no holds barred - with this insanely clear, easy to understand companion guide written and assembled by the most dedicated and experienced gamers in the business. 


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