Dopest Girl Smoking Dope On Stage: Miley Cyrus Sparks Her Weed and Twerks On Stage After Collecting Her MTV EMA Award

Dopest Girl in the world smoking Dope On stage, how amazing. I think it's good what she did at least the government would see this and maybe rethink of legalizing weed than legalizing cigarettes that kill billions of people with cancer. This is just my opinion don't know about you though. If you think I'm wrong then tell what you think about this dope act on stage.  See more photos after the cut

The 20-year-old singer had already turned heads when she opened 2013 MTV Europe Video Music Awards the show with a twerk heavy performance on We Can’t Stop.

Dressed in silver spandex, Miley danced with a female dwarf before finishing the performance with her trademark lolling tongue in a move that mirrored her controversial performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.
Nice shot Miley
vyrus  Look at the guy with sunglasses laughing because what she did was dope. HAHAHAI love you Miley
nnnaBreathe out the sorrows, look at that smoke. Daaaaaaaammmmnnnnn i love this

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