Good News: Promote Your Music and Talent On Soundshares

Promote your music and talents on SoundShares. They have made it possible for musicians to connect to people such as fan's record labels and managers from every country in the world. So how do you feel to know that you can have fans all over the world with SoundShares.com 
Official website: www.soundshares.com
They provide artists the opportunity to be hired by venues through online tools like our hire and audition features.
As a Venue, soundshares.com provides you with the opportunity to create exposure to your events by posting event listings on our website. Event listings can be featured as well, featuring your listings benefits as a great marketing tool for your event and your venue. Venues also get the promotional benefit of selling tickets through our event ticket sales module. Best of all, venues can browse our site and look for artists that they desire for the event listings that they have posted on SoundShares.

We are a Toronto based start-up that looks to embrace the hidden music culture in our city and any place around the world by bringing it to life. Our goal is to develop opportunities for musicians by increasing their exposure and providing them a way to do what they love for a living. Our desire is to deliver mutual benefit to artists and venues by increasing artists exposure and providing venues with a fast and easy hiring experience.
What we do
We are a web based community of multi genre artists and multi performance venues. We provide an exciting, user friendly platform for musicians of all calibers to upload and share their music with other musicians and music enthusiast. Soundshares.com is a place for musicians looking to develop their exposure and portray their talent to venues. We

Thanks, Sound Shares Team
Official website: www.soundshares.com

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