Have The Coolest Tattoo This Christmas Done By Marie Terry

 Marie Terry is a London based tattoo artist specializing in portraits, realism, old school & neo traditional tattoos.
She does great tattoos and yes customers come knocking on her door because of the amazing job she does. 
Her studio is a clean creative space filled with inspiring art to help inspire your thoughts about tattoos, she has various type of tattoo designs to put you at your ease. Having a tattoo done by Marie would be the most memorable thing you ever did. 
There are loads of positive reviews and testimonials about her, she is rated one of the best tattooist in London, she is friendly, creative and helpful. She does exactly the kind of job you want, so i highly recommend her for our Britons and foreigners thinking of having a tattoo done in England. Marie Terry is the right person to go to. 
Visit her website: 

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