A wonderful article from Russia Today came to my attention yesterday, Chinese man sues wife over ugly child – and wins $120,000, and good on him.  Expect many more of these lawsuits in the future.  It has always bugged me the way women commoditise their bodies: slathering on cosmetics, changing their hair colour, getting boob jobs, injecting botox into their faces and the list goes on and on.

Apart from the fact we’re told we men should not objectify women when women clearly are the biggest sexual objectifiers of their bodies, I found myself worried that such women have no honour.  A big part about honour is honesty and a woman with a fake body is not being honest about herself.  For me as a man, I look at a woman’s body and her features to guage how healthy she is physically and if she would produce good children for me because frankly I’m shopping for a good mother for my children.  Sure, once I’ve ascertained that the woman in question is healthy and well-formed, then I’ll worry about her IQ and maternal temperament, but I make no apologies for selecting out the biologically weak women because this is my children’s future and a good parent cares about the future they give their children.  A good parent wants their children to be healthy, attractive and well looked after.  Selecting a decent mother is the single biggest thing a man can do to make sure his children have the best start they could have in life.  Incidentally, let that be a warning to you women out there who date men who say they don’t want kids, they probably don’t have very high standards.
Of course, I can see why this man sued his wife.  She lied.  She lied about her physical health and attractiveness.  Now, I’m not attracted to Asian women, but I know what ugly looks like:

This is what cosmetic surgery gets you
This woman committed fraud and I feel for the poor husband here.  He obviously was looking out for the best interests of his children when he selected this woman, meanwhile she was only thinking about the best interests of herself.  This woman frankly should not have been able to reproduce because she’s the carrier of genetic refuse.  Think about it, would you want to have children with a haemophiliac, a person with Huntington’s victim or Down’s syndrome?  Of course you wouldn’t, and not because you hate the person with the disease, but because you love your future children too much to put them through such torment.  I applaud the judge’s decision here in this case, this man’s children have been afflicted in a way that will stay with them all their lives and if we give them cosmetic surgery too then this crime will only repeated itself.  I’m hoping in the near future we will see many more cases like this and more lawsuits against women who get cosmetic surgery.  Beauty is not skin deep, it’s in your genes and if you think otherwise you’re the shallow one here.

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