VERY SAD: Two Nigerian Students Drown In Ghana

Two Nigerian students Charles and Eddy students of knusford University college Accra went for an excursion to the volta region of Ghana on the 23rd of this month (Saturday).
See the story of an executive that planned the event: "THE REAL STORY. I'm a student of the school and also among the executives. When we got to the resort, which is Afrikiko at Akosombo.
we were making arrangements with the management of the place on how to reduce the price of the facilities there. This time, some students were playing volleyball, some football, some around the pool , some table tennis and others dancing. The management said, its 20 cedis to eat, 20 cedis to swim and 10 cedis to cruise the boat. Charles, Demola, Michael, Bright and Edwards entered a fisherman's canoe to cross the river for the amount of 5 cedis each. They were almost to the other side when the both capsized. Bright is from rivers state and he can swim. Demola and Michael managed to save themselves but Charles and Edwards died. It was just impatient that killed these guys. Besides, you know you don't know how to swim, you are entering a fishermans boat that doesn't have a life jacket. The fisherman ran away but he was found about two villages away. The situation right now is that their relatives are around and are planning on how to take their bodies to Nigeria."

It was one of the most anticipated events of the semester as most of the students from knusford and other schools rushed the ticket,when they finally arrived there was a river that served as a barrier and whilst the Management that brought them and other students were still trying to arrange for a speed boat to get there,looking at the limited amount of the boats and the price,they decided to talk to a fisherman to take them to the other side with his canoe,they managed to convince the fisherman and the five of them went on board without life jackets,when they were in the middle of the river the canoe suddenly capsized,three out of the five boys were able to swim and mannover thier way out of the river,one of the survivors tried to rescue charles but he wasn't able to,so just three out of the five survived. The Canoe man also incase you were wondering, he ran away but wasn't to sharp to escape he has been caught and must face justice. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen

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