5 Silly Fights Couples might have During Courtship

Conduct on social networking sitesConduct on social networking sites
Men are usually more extrovert compared to women on social networking sites. While certain women love to share every emotion on it. Sometimes seeing someone else’s flirtatious comment or complements on your would-be’s picture can bring problems in your paradise. Or, if one person wants to make a relationship official on a social networking site while the other may not be comfortable with this, can also be another reason to cause arguments.
Friends vs. MeFriends vs. Me
Time has always been an issue during the courtship period. And guess who is in the comparison? Your beloved friends! No matter, how much time you spent with your would-be, but even an hour with your friends could be enough to tear down your beautiful relationship. It may sound petty but has been a reason behind a lot of fights and arguements.
Number of calls in a dayNumber of calls in a day
Everyone wants to know about their importance in their lover’s life. And what exactly defines it is the number of call your lover makes in a day. Sometimes just one call missed can be enough to judge your unconditional love for them. But, if your sweetheart fails to call up at a particular time or fails to receive your call, this may make you to feel less important in his or her life and thus, cause arguments and fights.
Time to dress upTime to dress up
Dates are the best way one can know the other, as you spend time talking and understanding each other. However, women tend to take a lot of time to look their best for the men of their dreams. Well ladies, if you man is waiting for you in his car outside your house or in the restaurant, the time you take to dress up might leave your man waiting for a long time. This is a habit that most men detest. So, it might become a reason that can lead up to leaving a couple not talking for almost a month.
Salt and spicesSalt and spices
Ever thought how the spices and salt in your kitchen could be the reason you land up single again? Sometimes health conscious people hate when their partners go all binging on over spicy or salty food. It may sound insignificant but yes a lot of couples do seem to have a problem with their would-be’s food choices, especially the health conscious ones.

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