Aquaponics And Sustainable Food Production

I have a guide that informs people about the importance of not only sustainability, but growing their own food sources. Aquaponics, at its essence, is a system that allows you produce food at home by farming both fish and plants through a single, self sufficient cycle. It is an entirely environment friendly and completely efficient method of producing food with minimal loss of resources. The process utilizes ammonia and nitrates from the wastes produced by fish as a very effective fertilizer for the plants. The plants, in turn, purify the water as they absorb these nutrients, creating a cycle that is mutually beneficial. It's not too much of a mystery to see the links between our health and the foods we eat. Aquaponics is a fantastic way to grow your own food. It's simple, cost effective, and time and space friendly. For more information about Aquaponics and to download a step by step guide to building your own Aquaponics system please visit

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