How To Lose Weight and Be Like Beyonce in 3 Months

Beyonce is one of our present hottest celebrity mother and there are women out there who are not even up to Beyonce's age but still have a body they hate or people describe as ugly.  I notice women love it when they are admired and complimented anytime. Women look at their selves in mirrors almost everyday either admiring themselves or trying to fix themselves, so its either one of the above. 
Beyonce is almost in her 40's yet she looks hotter than some 18-30's. Why? Well it's because she watches the kind of diet she's on and also does not eat everything her body or mind craves for. 

There are few tips to been sexy and maintaining a certain body weight and body type: Read more after the cut
Body Type

How is Fat-loss related to body type?
You might be wondering how your body type is related to your loosing of fat. Well the point is that this  body types require different  essential levels of calories, macro-nutrients  and training volumes. To plan your diet and plan your exercise routine you must know what your body type is first before starting out.
Ectomorph:  One word used to describe this kind of people is SLIM, usually mesomorphs and endomorphs don’t stand close to this people mainly because they’re tall who has problems gaining weight. Examples of ectomorphs are fashion models. They are known by been  linear in shape with a delicate build, narrow hips and pelvis, and long arms and legs.
Naturally hey have less fat and muscle mass than people with other body types, but if this kind of people happen to be fat and trying to loose weight, it’s probably going to be easy for them because they have  fast metabolisms.

Mesomorph:  {meso, for short} These specific kind of people are classified as LUCKY because they have this kind of body shape that is obviously what every body wants to be. They are athletic, full of energy, are physically capable of a lot of activity, and are sometimes aggressive athletically. This kind of individuals store fats all over their body which puts them in an angle where they can easily be overweight (Cardiovascular disease can be a primary threat to an overweight meso) and easily loose weight. So they are just between the line. They are usually advised to be to maintain a healthy diet and a balanced exercise routine.

Endomorph:  (or endo, for short)This people normally have a curvy body type. They have a high capacity of storing fats in their body.  Most of it is stored at the centre in the middle of your body or in your hip and buttocks regions. And they are predisposed to becoming obese. The male endomorph is called android)  and a female endomorph (known as a gynoid) but this two have different fat distribution pattern. We notice this with women with big hips, big butts and big legs while the men collect fat in their abdominal area. There’s something you should have in mind if you are under this category as a man that the more fat you store in your abdomen the more risk you have to diseases such as  diabetes, stroke, cancer, and high blood pressure. But this shouldn’t scare you. Save yourself all this by doing exercise, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Check out exercises for endomorphs.
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