PHOTO: Couple Caught Having S*X In Broad Daylight Near Dumpsters


Looks like somebody got their Lucky Charms!
Police are looking for a duo caught in photos and video celebrating St. Paddy’s Day early near two Dumpsters in Newark, Del. The photos (seen below and extremely NSFW) show the unidentified pair having s*x in broad daylight on Saturday as gawkers laugh and record the incident.
The s*x romp was recorded in the rear parking lot of the Galleria Building on Main Street, some time in the afternoon. Some of the social media posts detailing the act have since been taken down.
The first suspect is described as a college-aged white male with brown hair. He was wearing a green button-down shirt, khaki pants and brown boots, according to the University of Delaware’s UDaily. The second is a college-aged female with blonde hair. She was also wearing a leprechaun-green shirt, with jean shorts, brown cowboy boots and glasses.

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