Michael Jordan: The Life

So much has been written about Michael Jordan that sometimes it’s hard to think there’s more we don’t know about him. Roland Lazenby set out to fill in those gaps in his new book, Michael Jordan: The Life, which will be released on Tuesday.
Lazenby spends a good portion of the book writing about Jordan’s family history, as well as the unmatched competitive drive that informed everything the six-time NBA champion has done on and off the court. Jordan “remembers everyone who ever didn’t think he was going to be great,” former Bulls general manager Jerry Krause says in the book. “He remembers every negative story that’s ever been written about him.”
Lazenby – who has also written books about Phil Jackson and Jerry West — attempts to go “full circle,” bringing Jordan from awkward youth in Wilmington, N.C., to mythic superstar to struggling NBA owner. spoke with Lazenby about the book and the things that helped make Jordan into “23.”

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