Adorable: North West Took His First Step! Kim K Posted Photos

Kim Kardashian, North West, Instagram
Proud mother, Kim K posted a pic of her and North West and announced that the baby took his first steps outside of the pool. I guess Kanye can't wait for the little half breed to start walking. 
The caption of the pic stated "Our daughter just finished his week of swimming and made ​​his first steps just outside the pool Mom and Dad are very proud of you Photo by:!!! Papa," wrote Kim.
On the picture you can see all the little Nori wrapped in a yellow towel after having a lot of fun in the pool, while Kim kisses her tenderly. We do not see dad Kanye West as the author of the picture, but we can imagine his joy to share this great moment with your family.
Too cute! Congratulations from the deuces reloaded crew. 

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