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Really want to know how to lose weight fast – Then read each and every word of this short guide because I’ll reveal the exact science behind how to lose weight fast. You will know how I discovered the best way to lose weight fast – the plan that helped me to lose weight fast in as short as a month and get back in shape. I’ll cut through all confusion and misconceptions prevailing in the weight loss arena and give you a simple plan that is both easy to follow and effective. You will never again be required to eat tasteless diets or skip meals or spend hours in the gym to be able to lose weight fast. So get yourself a cup of your favorite drink and read the full guide – you will be thankful you did

How to Lose Weight Fast – The Science behind losing weight fast

I’ve consulted many doctors and fitness experts – they all said that the science behind losing weight fast is very simple – you need to burn more calories than you consume daily. I’m sure even you know it. But then why are you overweight? The answer to this is also simple – you do not know the right way to burn more calories than you consume. We all know that eating the right foods and doing exercises can help us lose weight – but we generally do not know what are the right foods and what are the best exercises that will help us burn excess body fat. Dieting, fad diets or crash diets may in some cases only help you to lose a few pounds but you get back the weight (sometimes even more) as soon as you quit – they also cause severe damage to your system and makes you weak as these type of diets generally deprives your body of the vital nutrients and minerals. And doing the wrong exercises leads to spending hours in the gym or cardio-workout classes without any significant weight loss – what a waste of money and valuable time!

It’s not that you are the only one who is facing this type of situation – in fact whoever wants to lose weight faces this. Even I did – I tried various fad or crash diets like cabbage soup diet, yo-yo diets and even spent hours in the gym and cardio classes but sadly couldn’t lose any significant weight. Diets were either too tasteless to bear for more than a day or two OR they really made me weak. So I had to go back to my regular meals. I joined a gym twice – first time I quit as I could not see any significant weight loss (I lost only 5 lbs after 2 months – 2 hrs a day, 5 days a week) and the second time I quit because at that time I was already engaged in my job, I was unable to manage time to go to the gym (this is the case with most of us). I also joined cardio classes but had to quit for the same reasons. Thus I wasted a lot of my hard earned money and also valuable time.

Most people Quit – But I was determined to lose weight fast

I know that after failing to lose weight as was in my case – most people quit either blaming it on their genes or thinking it to be an impossible task. But I was determined because I was confident that I’ll be able to lose weight and get back in shape if I can figure out the right plan to lose weight. So I continued my quest for how to lose weight fast and started searching the Internet to know of a weight loss plan that could help me burn my excess body fat. I made a list of things that I wanted in my weight loss plan. I was in search of a weightloss plan that:-

will not require me to spend hours in the gym or cardio classes doing boring exercises
will not require eating tasteless diets or starving myself
will not require counting calories
is simple to understand and implement
will show results fast – preferably in a few weeks, not months
does not make any false promises
I finally got the perfect plan which showed me how to lose weight fast

While searching the Internet for ways on how to lose weight fast, I came across a small website in which a person named Chris Thomson was talking of his weight loss success and how a particular weight loss plan helped him. Chris talked about his over weight problem and how the program helped him in losing weight fast and naturally in approximately a month – without going to a gym or eating tasteless foods or starving – he lost almost 16 pounds in a month. I could relate myself to his situation. I was so excited of his success, I read the article twice.

I wanted to know which weight loss program he used to achieve such weight loss success – but he mentioned nothing about it in his story. I felt disheartened but then I thought if I could contact him I can know about the plan he used to lose weight fast, so I clicked his name to have a look at his profile – luckily I got his email address there.

I immediately sent an email to him asking about the weight loss program he used. I got his reply after 8 days – a long wait indeed! Chris also said that after him, his wife too followed the same weight loss program and got phenomenal success – she lost 19 lbs in about a month. He said that the program was recommended to him by a family friend who also had immense success using the plan. The plan was a short guide named – The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Guide. Thus I finally got my answer on how to lose weight fast at home.

My story – How I lost more than 14lbs in a month

After knowing about the weight loss plan that helped Chris to lose weight fast, I immediately went to the website to take a look at the program. It had a small price tag so I was a bit skeptical as I’ve lost too much money before. But then I saw the “no question asked money back guarantee” and felt assured to give it a try. Moreover I thought the program is not going to cost me an arm or a leg – in fact it costs less than a simple lunch in a restaurant. So I bought it – I used my Credit Card to pay – payment was processed through a secured encrypted page.

I was able to download the guide immediately after payment. I read it fully – it was simple to understand – it corrected a lot of my misconceptions regarding losing weight. The plan was laid down in a very simple manner and it did not require:-

going to a gym to do hours of exercises
dieting or starving
counting calories
had a simple plan to lose weight fast – in only one month time
In fact it showed the way in which I can lose weight fast eating my regular meals with simple changes and doing only 15 minutes of easy-to-do exercises at home – no need of buying costly workout equipments or spending hours at gym or cardio-classes (perfect for today’s busy lifestyle). It also said that I could skip my exercises even for a day or two if the need arises – perfect! It was really the plan I was searching for. So I only had to prepare myself mentally to follow the plan from the next day – now it was time for implementation!

How much weight I was able to lose in a month

I recorded my weight to keep a record. In only two days I was able to adjust myself with the new lifestyle – as it required only minor changes to my present way of life. I started feeling more energetic following the program and carried on with my duties as usual. The first week passed – I put myself on the weight machine – lost only 1.5lb – got a bit skeptical about the program! Then I thought that it is just my first week – the program required one month to show significant weight loss results – so let’s give it a full try. Second week – lost 3.5 lbs. Third week – lost 4 lbs. Fourth week – lost 5lbs. After 3 more days (lost 1.5 lb in the last three days) – end of a month – lost a total of 15.5 lbs – I was amazed – it delivered! I must mention here that I only followed the program lightly and exercised only 4 to 5 days a week. So finally I was able to lose weight. I carried on for one more month – I lost a total of 17 lbs in the second month – I was back in shape. Impressed by my success, my wife joined me in the second month – she lost 19 lbs in her first month.

How to lose weight fast – The lessons I learned

I’ve learned a few hard facts that I think every person wanting to lose weight fast should know to get success without frustration and wasting time and money:–

Losing weight is really possible – provided you are determined and mentally prepared
One can really lose weight fast – One month is enough time to get significant weightloss provided you get the right guide (like I got the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure guide)
Right guide is a must – without it one will just waste precious time and money jumping from one plan to another without being able to lose weight and will finally come to the point of quitting.
Some benefits that I noticed after losing weight fast

Losing excess body fat and getting back in shape has many positive benefits in our life style other than the health benefits. Here are a few that me and my wife experienced after losing weight :-

felt more energetic, light and gained a lot of confidence
started trying a lot of outfits I previously thought was not for me – including going to the beach with the beach wear
felt more muscular and young
started enjoying our new life
are more active on bed and perform better than ever before
Some other health benefits of losing weight

Here are a few health benefits that I noticed after losing weight and getting back to shape:-

Increase in my energy level
Decrease in my blood pressure
Brought down my blood sugar levels
Lowered my cholesterol level
I’ve a better sleep and wake up feeling more energetic
Reduced my joint pains – specially my lower back pain has been reduced remarkably
Overall increase in activity levels
Therefore if you are really interested in losing weight fast without ever failing or losing any more of your hard earned money or precious time (as I did) then get the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Guide – this is the best way to lose weight fast at home. Follow it for at least a month without a second thought and I’m sure you will be able to lose weight fast as you always wanted and that too from home and naturally in a month like me. I’m sure that after following this guide you’ll never again have to ask – How to lose weight fast.
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