Justin Bieber Is the latest Calvin Klein model?

Justin Bieber, Instagram

Bieber recently seems to be in love with his Calvin Klein boxers collection. He shared selfies of him in his Calvin Klein boxers showing of his abs and tattoos. Justin has really changed from the time i knew from that Baby video. He's now turning to a grown man. 

Bieber posted another picture of him Tuesday showing a black CK underwear beside the pool. Moreover, JB has tons of pictures of him on Instagram where he wears underwear CK (here's a , two , three examples for your viewing pleasure.)
Last week, the brand has announced that for the 2014 fall season, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear will be gathered for a global campaign pub with supermodel Lara Stone and supermodel Matt Terry . Bieber was not mentioned in the press, but you know what Justin always said. "We must never say never"
Do you think Bieber would make a good model of CK? Tell us in the comments.

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