Girl Stabbed Her Mum To Death Because She Wanted Her To Have An Abortion


A teenage girl has been charged with the death of her mother’s murder.
The mother’s dead body was found in the trunk of her car. Alyssa Barrett, who is only seventeen years old was charged with murder and robbery in the death of her mother DeCarol Deloney-Cain. Her mother was only fifty-four years old. Her daughter’s boyfriend was already arrested and charged, earlier in July.
The Chicago Tribune reports authorities found the dead body of DeCarol, a seasoned flight attendant for United Airlines, in the trunk of her vehicle on the 7th of July in Gary, Indiana.
Investigators say Alyssa plotted to have her mother killed because she wanted her to have an abortion. According to a criminal complaint, her mother was whopped and stabbed over and over again. Her daughter’s boyfriend took the entire blame for the murder. Her mother’s body was carefully wrapped in garbage bags before being thrown in the trunk of her car.
Alyssa had a very unstable relationship with her mom, according to detectives. Alyssa’s boyfriend admitted to police that he committed the murder after DeCarol wanted his baby to be aborted, which is the probable cause. Police went searching for her body four days after DeCarol was supposed to board a flight. Alyssa Barrett was telling people her mother had flown away to China.
An affidavit mentioned that two friends of the couple also robbed Deloney-Cain before she was murdered. Their names have not been released to the public. Both Barrett and her boyfriend are currently being held without bond.

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