Secondary School Student Defiles His Teacher

4796421_GA high school student from Florida will probably be sitting in jail for a very long time. What would make him think that his teacher would ever want to have s*x with him. Hopefully in prison he will get all the consensual s*xual contact he could ever dream of.
The South Florida high school student was thankfully arrested for defiling and assaulting his teacher. The student’s name is Victor Marshall Nash and he is 18-years-old. He is currently facing charges of s*xual battery, attempted felony, robbery, and grand theft of a vehicle.
According to the arrest affidavit, two hours after the school day was over for South Dade Senior High School, Nash grabbed the female teacher, and put his arms around her as she began to weep and tried to push him off of her.
He allegedly told his teacher, “Get down on your knees and give me some brain.”
She refused to get on her knees and suck, so Nash then reportedly body-slammed the teacher to the ground, choked her until she lost consciousness, and then eventually defiled her, according to NBC MIAMI.
After Nash was finished defiling his teacher, he put the used condom inside her purse.
The teacher’s car was stolen by Nahs and police found him five hours later driving the car, reports The Daily Mail.
The teacher’s union in Florida released the following statement: “We are shocked and dismayed by the event reported at South Dade Senior High. Our schools should be a place of safety and serenity, not only for students, but the adults who work there as well.”
The school’s principal wrote a letter to all of the student’s parents to inform them about the r*pe.
“Today, I started hearing kids talk about the buddy system when going to the bathroom,” one student said. “We shouldn’t have to feel that way in school.”
Nash’s father, Victor Marshall, was also convicted of s*xual battery back in 2001, and was willing to speak out and confirm whether or not his actions affected his son’s terrible decision.
“As far as I know, he didn’t even know it,” Marshall Sr. said to WSVN.
“It’s just upsetting. I never wanted him to go through the things I went through,” Marshall Sr. continued.
Nash’s mother was very embarrassed and released a statement asking for her son’s privacy.
“Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the victim and her family,” she said. “Although the road to resolution is uncertain at this time, we ask that the media respect our privacy and allow our families to get through and heal in this difficult period in our lives.”
Nash has owned up to his crime and is currently being held on a $62,500 bond.

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Jay said...

Are there no girls in the school? he will surely face the law


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