CRUEL: Look What Police in Brazil did to This Transgender Woman

Transgender Veronica Bolina, was BEATEN, STRIPPED, AND SHAVED by Brazilian police who claimed they were punishing her for  allegedly attacking her 73 year old neighbor, was beaten up by the police, they disfigured her face, forced her to strip and shaved her head. See pics below…

After she was taken to jail, the police continued their torture of the Veronica.

Pictures show Veronica Bolina lying partially unclad on the ground in front of a group of officers and other prisoners in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


 This act is very cruelsome, nobody deserves to be treated like an animal. It was her choice to be what ever she is, and attacking an old man doesn't call for this sort of nonsense act. This police men should be punished. Please say something, your little idea could make the offenders get punished.

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