Start an Internet Business in Nigeria

The internet today plays a major role in the 21st century. All big companies you know have their websites and online presence. Companies like Facebook, Skype, Amazon, CloseUp, Ecobank, GTBank, Alomo, Henessy, Dangote, Indomie and any you can think off. 
Libraries no longer have people to read their books, because everything you are looking for in a library can be found on Wikipedia. Things have changed so, people now live two lives. 
1. Real World & 2. Virtual World 
Advanced technology has made things super fast and easy, from online banking, music download, social media, online banking to making money on the internet. Online banking saves more time and is quicker, people prefer online banking to standing waiting in a queue for hours. 

If big companies such as those listed above have online presence, what are you waiting for? 
Take advantage of the internet and start-up an internet business at low start-up cost. The internet today has give hundred of thousands of people the opportunity to make money from the internet. 

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook with just an inexpensive laptop and coding skills. What have you created? 

I make money online selling information and to be honest I have not seen any business that gives me the type of control I get from my Internet Business. I have products on amazon, check the photo below out. 

Starting an Internet Business in Nigeria would be the wisest step you will take this year. Online Marketing is not like offline marketing where you need to walk miles and talk for hours in the name of marketing. All you need in Online marketing is a website, where your audience can access your product or service. 
With your ability to reach an audience, you are rest assured whatever you present to consumers will be bought. Social networks such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are portals where almost the whole of planet earth visit everyday, 24/7. There are over 500 million active users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn, which means there is a free opportunity for you to reach an audience out of 500 million plus people. The secret to getting the audience you need is to advertise your product or service where you billions of individuals hangout. You can create your audience from social networks, and if your niche market intrigues consumers, they will have no other option than purchase your product.  
Take Facebook as example, if Facebook was a bay for sick patients and you were a scientist who developed drugs to cure the patients illness. If you introduced your medicine to the patients in the hospital who were sick and needed medications, how many will pay for your drug? And why will they pay for your drug? When you ask yourself this question, answer it yourself and then you will understand how the internet works. 

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