Young Nigerian Teaches You How To Make Money Using Facebook

Facebook has 864 million daily active users and 99% of them are not aware of the income opportunity Facebook offers.  Facebook earns $48.76 per year per user as opposed to $7.71, according to market research firm eMarketer. The firm predicts revenue is set to rise to $61.06 in 2016 before reaching $73.29 the following year. Non-US users meanwhile, are expected to rise to $9.26 and $10.79 respectively. With more than $1 billion per quarter in advertising revenue and 1.2 billion monthly active users, few realize that Facebook is more than just a social networking site – it’s a shrewdly run corporation, worth more than $100 billion.  

With Facebook earning such amount of money, have you ever asked yourself "How does Facebook generate revenue?". The answer is "Advertising", Facebook earns 80% of it's income from paid adverts.  All these big companies in the photos below paid Facebook millions of dollars just to advertise on Facebook. 
NB: Take time to observe the text in the photos closely.

The most interesting thing is that: these big companies generated over 800% ROI in sales which clearly states that advertising your business on Facebook pays. 

Hosea Ihiabe an Internet mogul who spent years researching and learning how to create an income source using the internet. Fortunately he discovered techniques like Blogging, Content creation, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing. I have written several e-books that educate individuals on how to make money online by taking advantage of free information and advanced technology. I felt keeping my knowledge to myself only was "SELFISH" so I came up with an Idea to write an e-book to inform you on how I make money online.

I was always curious about whatever I didn't know and I loved to travel and you and I know that flight tickets were not free. So I made searches online to discover how I could make money online to pay for tickets and every other plan I had in mind. 

I read articles, bought e-books written by experts, I took advantage of free information on the internet and developed my skills in web designing and developing internet businesses in Nigeria. 

The best technique I used was the Facebook Income technique that I used to make money using Facebook. All I needed to do when executing this technique was to advertise my website and e-book on Facebook and see what it results to. 

I used six tested and proven techniques that made me make money online using Facebook. 

         Technique for Choosing a profitable niche
         Technique for Using profitable keywords
         Technique for discovering correct range of products for your niche
         Technique on how to start my blog
         E-mail list formula
         Using the Facebook Advertising Technique

This six techniques made it possible for me to target an audience and make money online using Facebook by promoting my e-books and affiliate links.  

Facebook offers  opportunity to make money using Facebook  and powerful and unique ways to show your adverts to the people who are most likely to care about your business.
With adverts, you can:    Reach people based on location, age, gender, interests and much more. Use tools to understand how they're performing and make them even better. 

I used Facebook to make money by promoting my e-book Facebook Income using the Facebook Advertising technique that big companies like Dell, Dangote, Indomie, Ecobank, Samsung, Nestle, AT&T use to generate sales. Do you know; Samsung was the first company to buy Facebook's log out page to advertise it's new Galaxy S III phone? They paid over $2 million to Facebook and generated over 400% Return On Investment (ROI). If Samsung could pay to advertise on Facebook and generate over 400% ROI in sales, it meant I could advertise my product on Facebook and make money using Facebook. 

How Did I Start Making Money Using Facebook?  

After I discovered the proven techniques I could use to make money online using Facebook, I made a decision to teach people how to make money using Facebook, so I created an e-book titled "Facebook Income" and inserted every technique I used to make money using Facebook in the e-book. I published it on Amazon.

                                     What is Facebook Income? 

Facebook Income is an easy step-by-step e-book with 6 proven techniques that teach you how to make money using Facebook. Facebook Income was created by Hosea Ihiabe and has changed lives of individuals who wanted to change their lives and create financial freedom and give them time for themselves and their family. Facebook Income consists of six proven techniques;

         Choosing a profitable niche
         Using profitable keywords
         Discovering correct range of products for your niche
         How to start your blog
         E-mail list formula
         Using the Facebook Advertising technique 

                    What is the Benefit of Facebook Income?

    This profit system generates passive income on autopilot NB: You must pay to run an ad campaign before you run your business on autopilot.
    You are in control of your business and yourself (NO BOSS) 
    Access to community
    Our customers report an average 500% ROI, about twice the industry average. 
    You will own one(1) already-done free website for business 
    Personal Coach
    Access to our affiliate program (50% commission per sale)
    Already done articles,emails and images to use when promoting our product
    Weekly training videos
    30 days money back guarantee

How Much In? 
Facebook Income program goes for $20/month and I strongly believe that the information Hosea Ihiabe put in this book is worth more than the price of the e-book. This book teaches you proven techniques that big companies and successful entrepreneurs use to make money using Facebook. Three most interesting things about the Facebook Income program are 
1. Personal Coach: Hosea Ihiabe made sure every buyer of this product was allocated a personal coach who will train you for six days and ensure you understand the six techniques used to make money using Facebook. 
2. Affiliate Program: Our affiliate program reduces the stress of designing your own e-book and enables you to earn $10 per sale per month. You can sell using your already designed website. 
3. Online Community: Hosea Ihiabe created an online community where customers could ask questions and get them answered, he also made it possible for affiliates to connect and do business together as a team. 

 How Much Out? 
 With an initial investment of $20/month you are eligible to generate over 400% monthly. How? Based on our analysis of this online profit system and the increase and improvements in efficiency and output,we can project that this online profit system will generate a  25% internal rate of return which means that it will pay for itself 100%. 
Your $20/month will give you access to an already-done-website for your business and monthly advert that will drive customers to your website. We will target your audience according to your niche, it is our duty to ensure that you reach an audience that matches your niche. And if you will be kind enough, I believe the writer deserves a reward for giving you this million dollar information at almost no cost.  

How Fast Does it Take to Make Money Using Facebook? 
There is no such thing as quick money except you're dealing drugs. None of the world's wealthiest men believed in making money quick, all they believed in was planning and executing. If you use the right techniques, you sure are on your way to success. There is a saying that says "If you do what the successful do, you will be successful". Hosea Ihiabe provided 6 proven techniques on how to make money using Facebook. The great wall of China was not built in one day but after strategic planning and execution, the great wall of China is one of the most recognised inventions globally. 
I can not promise you of making money on that very day, but if you apply my techniques I am certain you will profit a lot. The techniques provided, are REAL and it WORKS 100%. 

How Sure Are You About this Program?  
I am 100% sure about this product. Hosea Ihiabe's goal is to save people from financial problems by giving out information and informing them of the great financial opportunity the internet offers, and he can not achieve that goal if he is like those other make money online schemes that promise you millions overnight without any technique or training. It is different with Hosea, he gives out information that he has tested on himself, friends and family. There is a 30 days money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with this product, your money will be returned to you and you will also keep the product. Facebook Income will educate you on how you to make money using Facebook. 


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