The Most Realistic Flight Simulator Game Ever Developed Online

Flight Simulator Online

There are loads of flight simulator games online, and none can compare to this new one in the market. It is called "VirtualPilot3D" it has mind blowing features and I have to warn you "It's addictive". 
Now you don’t have to limit yourself to flight classes on the weekend or expensive one-time flight trials. With this flight simulator you can now get all the experience of flying an actual plane or helicopter online right on your computer.

This product is essentially the best flight simulator that you can find online, this game gives you the most realistic simulation of flying aerial vehicles like medical helicopters, a passenger jet plane, combat jets, or even vintage propeller planes. It has been highly praised by critics, gamers, and flight aficionados all over the world. The biggest draw is that this flight simulator has so many different options and features that no other flight simulator online has been able to offer.

Why You Should Buy Virtual Pilot 3D?

virtualpilot3d flight simulator online

One of the biggest questions that a lot of people ask is: why should they get Virtual Pilot 3D when there are already so many different flight simulators available online? What makes this flight simulator different from the one's online? What makes it better than the competition? Just consider the following:

This flight simulator contains over twenty-five thousand (25,000) real-world airports and landing strips. You can even find hospital landing pads and even mountainous airstrips that are not usually listed on international airports.
Unlike other flight simulators online that lack the technology, this program features the most realistic scenery. As a matter of fact it doesn’t even use video game graphics at all. Instead, it uses actual satellite images taken from Google Maps, rendered in 3D. This gives you the most realistic landscape that you can get since you are getting actual images from satellites. If you want to be creative there is also the option to create your own landscape with its own weather setting. 
"This lets you use your creativity to play with your skills as a pilot."
There are over two hundred air-crafts for you to fly in. You will find everything from civilian helicopters to the SR71 Blackbird. Even pre-WWII aircrafts have been included in the package, including the 1903 Wright Brothers plane – the very first plane in the world. All of the aircrafts in the Virtual Pilot 3D game feature realistic, real-world cockpits, down to their gauge designs and ATC systems.

To make this flight simulator even more realistic and useful, the game actually allows you to edit the weather conditions as well as air traffic circumstances. You can even use real-time weather and ATC conditions to further simulate actual flight situations and training. You are also given the liberty to edit things as you go, creating interactive and highly unpredictable flight situations to train you to become a better pilot.


If there is anything to push the simulator down it may be the steep learning curve. Of course more experienced pilots and flight aficionados will have no trouble jumping in but beginners will have to go through several tutorials before they can get started. This is not really that big of a complication since the tutorials are easy to follow and included in the package anyway.


For a flight sim of it’s quality, the game is competitively priced. It is been offered at an incredibly low price that won’t last forever. The good thing is that you are not just limited to a download version. You can even opt for a DVD version so you can actually have a physical copy of the installer.

Another thing that is offered with this simulator is the exclusive VIP membership. The VIP membership only costs a low $39.95 per month. With this membership you are allotted free updates such as new aircrafts, new airports, and new features in the game. This is a lifetime membership so you’ll never have to worry about it expiring.

Flight Sim game offers great realism, a wide range of aircraft to choose from and lots of nice little features makes this one of the best flight simulator experiences I have seen. The flight simulators online features make this a great experience. It does have a wide range of additional features that can be complicated at first to master but once you get to grips with it, and with the additional flight simulators features, you will have hours of fun.

This flight simulator has so many different options and realistic settings, it is incredibly affordable, and the VIP package offers a life-time of updates and new features. Virtual Pilot 3D reviews have highly praised the game and the facts prove it too. If you want to get the most realistic simulation of taking off, flying, and landing an aircraft in real-world locations, time, and weather conditions then you cannot go wrong with Virtual Pilot 3D check it out here.

virtual pilot 3d system requirements

The game has been tested and is compatible with systems with the following configuration.

USB 2.0 Port,
Windows XP, Vista or 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. (32- and 64-bit)

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Greg said...

Nice article, enjoyed reading it. But I have a question to ask before I buy this software. Is there a money back guarantee,in case I am not satisfied with the software?

Apart from that I enjoyed reading your review about VirtualPilot3D.

Hozzy Daniel said...

Hi Greg, thanks for the positive feedback. I will give an answer to your question now.

1. Yes the company offers a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, even if you are not satisfied with the simulator you will be given back your money and you will get to keep the software too.

But I can assure you that you will enjoy this flight simulator and won't bother of asking for a cash return.

Jim Hollister said...

The feature I enjoyed most was the test to fly 100 passenger in my plane safely. Unfortunately we had 2 plane crashes but I flew them safely the third time. It's a great game. I recommend you try it and test yourself like I did. Kudos


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