9 Things to Know About Olympic Golden Girl Simone Biles

Simone Biles, 2016 Rio Summer Olympics
The word slay is overused, but in the case of Simone Biles, we need to speak the truth: The 19-year-old is 100 percent slaying her competition at the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Although all the ladies on the USA women's gymnastics team are superstars—we love you girls!—there's no disputing that Simone is this year's strongest competitor. With 14 world medals to her name, Simone is already the most decorated world gymnast in U.S. history, and there's no doubt she'll add to her collection in Rio.
Here's what you need to know about the living legend
1. Keeping Up: Simone said she'd love to get a shout-out from the Kardashians—and she did! Kim Kardashian shared some serious love for the gymnast as she earned her spot in the all-around competition, tweeting, "North is watching @Simone_Biles in awe! She's rolling around on the bed pretending to copy her lol." Simone tweeted back, calling North West her mini-me.
2. Zac Attack: Simone's said multiple times that Zac Efron is her biggest obsession, so when the actor congratulated her on qualifying for finals, she just couldn't deal: "My heart," she tweeted. (This crush is serious stuff: Earlier this year, Ellen DeGeneres even gave Simone a Zac-printed leotard.)
3. Snapchat Steady? She may have a kinda-sorta boyfriend. The two Snapchat often, and Simone introduced even him to her coach, Aimee Boorman. But Aimee wasn't totally swayed, telling him, "I think you're sweet, but if you screw with her mind I will kill you. You can screw with her mind after the Olympics, but not before. I've got enough to deal with."
4. She's Got Moves: Simone has a signature gymnastics tumbling pass named after her. The Biles features a double layout flip with an added half-twist.
Simone Biles, 2016 Rio Summer Olympics
5. Rio Grand: Pretty much everyone readily admits that Simone is the best. Teammate Aly Raisman has said that Simone is "in her own league" and is almost guaranteed to win gold. Meanwhile, Olympic gymnast legends Mary Lou Retton and Dominique Dawes have called Simone the most talent gymnast they've ever seen.
6. Small Wonder: At 4'8" she's the shortest member of Team USA—and one of the smallest people competing in the Rio Olympics overall! The height difference is especially obvious when she posts pictures with super-tall athletes like 6'4" Michael Phelps.
7. Good Balance: She began homeschooling at age 13 and graduating high school just last year. The modified schedule allowed Simone to focus on training, usually for five or six hours a day. A normal school schedule also probably wouldn't have accommodated her numerous worldwide competitions; she began competing nationally and worldwide in 2011, the same time she left public school.
8. Bruins Babe: Simone has been accepted to UCLA, but she hasn't enrolled yet in college yet, as turning professional forced her to forfeit her NCAA eligibility.
9. High-Flying but Down-to-Earth: Her post-Olympics plans might include...Olive Garden? The gymnast named the Italian chain as one of her favorite hometown spots. You eat those unlimited breadsticks, girl. You deserve 'em.
See what Kim Kardashian has to say about North West's Olympic goals in the video below:

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