Eyebrow Tattoos: We Tried Microblading Like Bella Thorne

ESC: Bella Thorne
It's no secret that eyebrows can make or break your beauty look.
Certain celebs like Lily Collins and Lucy Hale are blessed with full, thick brows that don't require much work (other than monthly wax appointments), but if your eyebrow hairs are few and far between, you may have no other option than to spend a lifetime of mornings committed to tracing them on in front of the mirror.
Instead of meticulously filling in barren brows with pencils and creams, celebs like Bella Thorne are turning to microblading, a tattoo technique that uses tiny needles to create a 3D finish. But the Disney star isn't the only one who's tried it. E! Style Collective makeup artist Suzie Kim recently underwent the buzzworthy procedure, too.
ESC: Brow Tattoo, Suzie Kim
What You Need to Know: Microblading essentially tattoos your eyebrows, but the ink strokes mimic natural, hair-like lines instead of chunky, solid lines like tattooed eyebrows of the past. Permanent brow ink has been a beauty trend that spans many cultures, especially among Asians today, and even goes back to Ancient Egyptian times. This modern technique, however, only lasts up to two years (since the strokes are so fine), so don't go for it unless you trust your expert. "I chose Cindy Choe from CC Permanent Makeup in LA's Koreatown because she is a true brow artist," shared Suzie. Cindy has an undisclosed list of celeb clients and all of her work is free hand, but it's not cheap. A session with the pro will cost you around $700, but it's worth it. "Some places say they do 3D brows, but they are just using a tattoo gun and not using itty-bitty microblading needles, which doesn't give the same 3D effect," warned beauty pro.

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