Born Moses John. From Edo state but he's based in kaduna state. The thing about Moze apparel is he has the most captivating prints on tees I have ever seen  in Nigeria. I mean lots of people make clothes but the finesse with which Moses creates his tees is really amazing. He takes every detail as important right from the sketch of the artwork on the tees to the kind of print he uses on his tees. Its of american standard. My favourite artwork has to be the "BERNIE DOPE BOY" its the cutest ever. Moses has styled Celebrities like Banky W for his popular Yes/No video, Wizkid *Starboy*, Skales wears his clothes to like every concert and even Praiz cant get enough of him. they just cant resist him. He is a young entrepreneur on the rise and he's definitely one to watch out for. He just might be the Tom Ford of Nigeria. LOL.

That is Banky W in his Yes/No Video and of course he has the Bernie dope boy tee on 

That's Skales with the bernie dope boy sweatshirt on stage during a performance . Moses says "The influences behind my style I would rather say comes from the love of hip hop skating and art which has been my hobby. This three things I mention has been a grate influences to my style and designs"

So i asked him what inspires him and how he came about the business of fashion and heres what he had to say"Wow. I can't really explain how I started because I grew up in a house where fashion is well recognized because my mum ownS a fashion house. So starting up was never difficult for me because I already have an idea about Fashion." Ok officially I stated taking it seriously 2010. Coming up with designs was not that difficult . The source that really help me towards archiving it was the God gift telnet of art. That really help me to be able to create my ideas and archive it perfectly on my tees and all.

The quest for quality pushed me into fashion says Moses " What made me to start my own clothing.The quest for quality really pushed me into fashion. I have always been this kind of person that stands for quality clothing due to the fact I grew up wearing them and I have always liked the detail that comes with quality clothes and all that.

Moze Apparel is a trend that's in right now. If you are a lover of fashion then i think its time you meet Moses. don't say i dint tell you. he also makes shoes just so you know. Bright colors are so in season.
I mean you have to agree with me that these tees are absolutely amazing and if you want to make orders its easy, just post comment about your interest and i'd connect you to him.

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